Naked mole rat reproductive system

Personalised recommendations. Several of the soldiers may pile on top of each other to block the way, and all the predator sees is many sets of gnashing teeth! Most other types of mole rats live on their own or in small families. Yucky, but true: naked mole-rats eat their own poop. They are a similar size to mice and yet mice rarely live longer than 3. Their tiny eyes are not much use underground, but they can still see a little bit.
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Sending a message…via poop?

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Naked mole-rat

Scientists have theorized that these hormonal differences are caused by an insensitivity to GnRH. It is filled with a tunnel system that stays at a warm temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit 30 degrees Celsius , even though the outside temperature can get much colder or warmer. To keep the colony healthy and safe, there are chambers, or rooms, at different points along the tunnel system. There is even a toilet chamber, where the members go to the bathroom sorry, no shower. Resp Physiol 28, —14
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Eating the Queen's Poop Makes Naked Mole-Rats Better Parents | Science | Smithsonian

We also played the radio constantly; the music covers loud or strange noises and helps keep them calm. Proc Natl Acad Sci , —64 Naked mole-rats have been known to chew through concrete. A tendency for group living is considered to be an ancestral plesiomorph trait among African bathyergid mole-rats , linking them to other hystricognath rodents. PLoS Biol 6, e13
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It would be interesting to repeat this set of experiments in the field, and see if estrogen in poop causes the same behavioral changes in wild naked mole-rat workers. But what was going on? Could there be some kind of chemical communication at play? Their tiny eyes are not much use underground, but they can still see a little bit. First, the researchers fed worker naked mole-rats poop from pregnant and nonpregnant queens. Resistance to cancer One likely factor underlying the longevity of naked mole-rats is their resistance to cancer.
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